Attractions Traveling to and from Savannah

Headed North 

Savannah National Wildlife Refuge 

*Drive* Alligator Alley, Hardeeville SC 

One of our favorite places to watch a sunset, The Savannah National Wildlife Refuge is a breathtakingly beautiful place just north of Savannah. While the Refuge is massive and includes parts of Georgia and South Carolina, there is also a four mile loop that can be driven by car. You'll see all sorts of wildlife including lots of alligators, great blue herons, and seasonal bird life. Spottings have also included bald eagles, bobcats, coyotes, gopher tortoises, and snakes! 


Old Sheldon Church Ruins

 *Drive* Old Sheldon Church Rd, Yemassee SC 

Tucked away off a lonely road halfway between Savannah and Charleston, the Old Sheldon Church is one of the most hauntingly peaceful places in the Southeast. This beautiful old ruin is the remains of a church first built in 1757! 


Headed South 

Harris Neck Wildlife Refuge (past Old School Diner)

*Drive* 5000 Wildlife Drive NW, Townsend GA 

About an hour down the coast off of I95

 Is the sprawling Harris Neck Wildlife Refuge. Go there to see an abundance of Low Country wildlife but also marvel at the post-apocalyptic scene of a Refuge on the site of an old WW2 air force base. Remains of the previous plantation remain as well. 


Smallest Church in America 

*Drive* US 17 South (off Exit 67) 

A strange little road-side attraction right off of US Highway 17, the self-proclaimed ”Smallest Church in America” is open to the public 24 hours a day and is worth a quick stop for photos. The church itself has an interesting story too, but I won't spoil it for you!


Hostel in the Forest 

*Drive* 3901 US 82, Brunswick GA 

The Hostel in the Forest is a strange hippie holdout in the middle of redneck country, but a great place to spend the night. Run since the seventies, the hostel is famous for its tree houses and its beautiful forests. Sitting on 133 acres of wilderness, there is also a beautiful lake where guests are encouraged to swim (clothes optional), but watch out for the fishes! Book ahead of time as the hostel stays full and look for scheduled sweat lodges and meditation retreats too.