House Agreement

The only way we can offer such a unique place, for such a good price is because

Everybody works together to take care of it!


You are too good to do any of these things!


We require all of our guests to agree to the following:

  • For everyone’s safety, Only registered guests on the property. Parties and unauthorized guests are not permitted. 

  • Adults 18+, for safety and for insurance reasons.

  • Quiet time is from 11:00pm to 7:00am. Sleep is a good thing.

  • Be kind to your fellow guests and staff.

  • This house is a living museum in a historic building full of antiques, and other items. We will charge for any damaged, stolen, or missing items. 

  • This is a Smoke-free property. This means everything that can be smoked or vaped.

  • No Pets Due to health & safety reasons, No exceptions. You will be charged and asked to leave with no refund if you sneak them in. 

  • No Firearms. Even with a permit, we cannot make any exceptions.

  • No open flames inside the house - no candles, incense, bonfires, etc. We actually had a guest burn a house down.

  • Take lots of pictures, be Insta famous! But if you have a crew or lights, check with us first. No “professional” filming without consent.

  • All of these rules have a handful of sad stories… Please be respectful and kind. Besides that, we always find out. And you will be asked to leave without a refund. And we charge for damages.

  •  It's only fair to the other people who work hard to help keep this going!


Examples of fees:

  • Towels $10 each

  • Sheets $75 per set

  • Pillows $25 each.

  • Smoking fee - $200

  • Pet fee - $250  

  • Vomit fee - $100 (in the toilet - free)

  • Hair Dye Fee - $100 (for stain removal/replacement)

  • Extra unauthorized guests / party fee - $100 per person 

  • Late night Disturbance fee - $200 (1am-5am)