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House Agreement

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We require all of our guests to agree to the following:

  • Our check in time is 3pm to 8pm every day. Due to our small staff, we can't accommodate early or late check ins. 

  • For everyone’s safety, only registered guests on the property. Parties and unauthorized guests are not permitted. 

  • Adults 18+, for safety and for insurance reasons. No more than two guests per room this is because of safety requirements.

  • Quiet time is from 11:00pm to 7:00am. Sleep is a good thing.

  • Be kind to your fellow guests and staff.

  • This house is a living museum in a historic building full of antiques, and other items. We will charge for any damaged, stolen, or missing items. 

  • This is a Smoke-free property. This means everything that can be smoked or vaped.

  • No Pets Due to health & safety reasons, No exceptions. You will be charged and asked to leave with no refund if you sneak them in. 

  • No Firearms. Even with a permit, we cannot make any exceptions.

  • No open flames inside the house - no candles, incense, bonfires, etc. We actually had a guest burn a house down.

  • Take lots of pictures, be Insta famous! But if you have a crew or lights, check with us first. No “professional” filming without consent.

  • All of these rules have a handful of sad stories… Please be respectful and kind. Besides that, we always find out. And you will be asked to leave without a refund. And we charge for damages.

  •  It's only fair to the other people who work hard to help keep this going!


Examples of fees:


  • Towels $10 each

  • Sheets $75 per set

  • Pillows $25 each

  • Smoking fee - $200

  • Pet fee - $250  

  • Vomit fee - $100 (in the toilet - free)

  • Stained the rug - $100 (for stain removal/replacement)

  • Candle wax on furniture fee $150 (on nipples free)

  • Extra unauthorized guests / party fee - $100 per person 

  • Late night Disturbance fee - $200 (1am-5am)

  • Anything missing from the rooms will also be charged to the replacement value

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