Late Night Food

Vinnie Van GoGos 

*Bicycle/Drive/Uber* $   317 West Bryan St. Savannah, GA     912.233.6394 

Everyone's favorite pizza in Savannah! Vinnie's serves by the slice as well as whole pies. Its super cheap and open late but damn good and you'll find yourself eating there a lot if you move here! 



*Bicycle/Drive* $ 416 Broughton Street Savannah, GA     912.232.1986 

A strange place, you'll see Spudnik‘s giant projection sign on the Broughton St. parking garage when they're open. Famous for serving potatoes and nothing but potatoes, it somehow really works! Especially with great ingredients and when you're trying to sober up at 3:30AM... 


Treylor Park

*Bicycle/Drive/Uber*    $$    115 East Bay Street.  Savannah, GA     1.888.TREYLOR

Try the ’77 Monte Carlo with an Illegally Blonde. They have Man-mosas for you too. Don’t skip out on the Fried banana pepper rings, PB&J chicken wings, Fried Bologna Classic, The Chupacabra, Grilled apple pie sandwich, all the amazing tacos and you must try fried Oreos and the Bacon Brownie.

Treylor Park   Hitch

*Bicycle/Drive/Uber*   $$   300 Drayton Street.  Savannah, GA

Some Items are the same but not all. Here you can enjoy: Fried green tomatoes, Poke Salad, Hawaiian Chicken Flat bread, Low Country Boil, even more yummy tacos, some desserts and the great Sloppy Joe!!!  Cocktails are perfect at both locations.

 “Treylor Park and Hitch are built on the motto "Quality over Quantity". In everything we do, quality comes first. Whether you are talking about our seasonal cocktails, our craft beer, or our local fare, everything is done with quality in mind. Treylor Park and Hitch are unique spaces that offer a fun and unique food/cocktail/beer menu day and night. Whether you are in the mood for a nice, smooth cocktail or a cool crisp draft beer, these unique classic restaurants are full of great music and great energy.”