starland arts district inn
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The Starland
Arts District

     Named for the iconic Starland Dairy building at its center, The Starland Arts District is home to an ever growing number of bars, restaurants, boutiques, art stores and galleries - and the Isetta Inn is located right in the heart of it all! With new places opening all the time, the neighborhood is home to everything from local watering holes to upscale cocktail bars, casual counter service eateries to fine dining, and everything in between. For a cozy feel, check out Moodrights and Lone Wolf Lounge; for coffee, snacks, and casual breakfast and lunch, Foxy Loxy cafe and Big Bon Bodega are right around the corner. Squirrel’s Pizza offers great pies to order and a nice bar, while Starland Yard has a rotating assembly of food trucks and easy access to Starland's own brewery, Two Tides. 

     Desoto Row in Starland offers art galleries and creative spaces that feature shows and openings on the First Friday Art March every month, including Forest & Fin and Sulfur Studios. Graveface Records and Curiosities always have a selection of intriguing ephemera and oddities on offer, while Starlandia is a reclaimed and new art supply store catering to the Savannah College of Art & Design. A beautiful 15 minute walk away from The Isetta Inn, Forsyth Park is always a happening place with frequent music events and festivals in the fields or on the bandstand. Only a few blocks away you'll find Victory North -  Savannah's newest music venue - which offers a wide range of acts and shows.