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A Day of Natural Exploring

Arise before dawn and drive 20 minutes east to Tybee Island. Just about anywhere on the beach is beautiful for a Sunrise walk and or swim.

Have a casual drive back into town enjoying the marshlands along Highway 80. Bonus if you go explore Fort Pulaski National Monument. Cruise back into town and grab breakfast at the Sentient Bean or the Kayak Kafe for healthy and vegetarian options these are the best. Or hit up B. Matthew's Bakery, or some of the other great breakfast options.

Take a drive down LaRoche Avenue and drive the Waterfront of Isle of Hope. Adjoining the former town is Wormsloe Plantation. Take a slow drive on one of the most beautiful Plantation entrances. There is a small Museum and some great nature trails to explore the coastal Forest.

Enjoy as a half-day and call it good. Or continue for more and check out Fort McAllister State Park in Richmond Hill just south of Savannah. And afterwards continue a Coastal Journey down Interstate 95 getting off at exit 67, South Newport. Turn left on Highway 17 and drive approximately one mile till you see the smallest Church in America on the left. It's a neat little church to explore and it's free and unique. Turn left on Harris Neck Road driving approximately 6 miles before turning left into the entrance of the Harris neck Wildlife Refuge.

This Wildlife Refuge has a very colorful history. Originally it was a Private Island Plantation. Local history tells us that the plantation owner, a widow, felt her children were ungrateful and she deeded the property to the workers.

The Plantation and Island was owned by the local African American community until World War Il when the federal government requested the land to build an air base. With only weeks to move, the local population was displaced on the promise that they would get the land back after the war.

Of course after the war, the land was never given back and is still tied up in a court battle. The Airfield was given to the county as an airport. However Mcintosh County has a long history of drug running. The federal government claimed mismanagement and took the land back to make it a wildlife preserve. And it is one of the best preserves in the area! Due to the remoteness of most of the Georgia coast, rare and amazing migratory Birds pass through here. You can get lost on the trails for hours and keep in mind, if you have T-Mobile your service will not be too good here. Although you will get some amazing pictures and probably see some alligators.

Next to The Preserve is an amazing little restaurant named the “Old-School Diner” Chef Jerome has built up a little bit of a world-famous reputation for his amazing Seafood, his artistic style, and hosting a lot of Hollywood celebrities whom you would not expect to find in this location. However Oprah has been a frequent visitor along with Vivian Green and local landowner Ben Affleck.

The whole Harris neck peninsula is a very interesting crowd of people from all over who have a love for nature, and a strong community. It is a very racially diverse community who lives off the land and the sea.

if there's any time left, it's a bonus to drive down Highway 99 to Darien Georgia and explore it's a little downtown.


TIPS:  Don't speed, Don't Litter

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