Places to Visit in the Greater Savannah Area

Wormsloe Plantation 

*Drive/Uber*   7601 Skidaway Road, Savannah GA 

A breathtaking avenue sheltered by live oaks and Spanish moss leads to the tabby ruins of Wormsloe, the colonial estate of Noble Jones (1702-1775), one of the first settlers of Savannah in 1733. While not much is left, Wormsloe's tabby ruin is the oldest standing structure in Savannah. The real reason to go is the beautiful row of live oaks and the quaint community around it! 


Bonaventure Cemetery 

*Bicycle/Drive* Bonaventure Road, Savannah GA 

Though not Savannah's oldest cemetery, Bonaventure is certainly its most famous and hauntingly beautiful. Quintessentially Southern Gothic, it has captured the imaginations of writers, poets, naturalists, photographers and filmmakers for more than 150 years. Part natural cathedral, part sculptural garden, Bonaventure transcends time. 


Laurel Grove Cemetery 

*Bicycle/Drive* Ogeechee Road, Savannah GA 

Not as famous as Bonaventure but more historic and just as beautiful, this cemetery was developed in 1850 as the Old Cemetery (Colonial Park Cemetery), the Old Jewish Cemetery, Potter’s Field, and the Old Negro Cemetery approached capacity. Laurel Grove North is unique in that the interment rights to all of the available cemetery lots were sold out during the Victorian Era, and, as a result, this park-like cemetery probably has the highest concentration of Victorian period cemetery architecture in the Southeast. You may get lost though; the entire area is 67 acres! 


Fort Pulaski National Monument 

*Drive/Uber* Tybee Island Causeway, Savannah GA 

Fort Pulaski is historically important for a variety of reasons, mostly as the last of the great forts to see battle in the Civil War, but it is also just a beautiful place to be. Located on Cockspur Island the fort still shows its battle scars proudly and is surrounded by miles of lush hiking trails. 


Oatland Island Wildlife Center 

*Drive/Uber* 711 Sandtown Road, Savannah GA 

Oatland Island is Savannah's own little zoo, but just like everything here, it's a little different. Sprawling across the island there are large enclosures holding a variety of native Georgia wildlife such as bobcats, bald eagles, and gray wolves. There are also education programs at the large main house.