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The Vault

*Walkable* $$ 2112 Bull Street   Savannah, GA        912.201.1950 

The slightly more upscale sister restaurant of The Flying Monk., The Vault is housed in an old bank building in The Starland District and features the most popular Asian fusion dishes from all of the owner’s restaurants. They are open daily for lunch and dinner. 

The Collins Quarter 

*Bicycle/Drive*$$ 151 Bull Street   Savannah, GA    912.777.4147 

The Collins Quarter started out as an Australian style coffeehouse (best Flat White in town!) and has since expanded its service to include full lunch and dinner, as well as a fantastic brunch on the weekends (try the Smashed Avocado!) It’s an absolutely beautiful restaurant with a stellar ambiance, whether you go for a full meal or for drinks and appetizers around the communal table. 


Mrs. Wilkes Dining Room

*Bicycle/Drive* $$ 107 West Jones Street Savannah, GA.    912.232.5997 

This place is located on the prettiest Street in the US. In 1943, a young Sema Wilkes took over a boarding house in historic downtown Savannah. Her goal was modest: to make a living by offering comfortable lodging and home-style Southern cooking served family style in the downstairs dining room. Mrs. Wilkes picked up where the previous proprietor left off, cultivating relationships with nearby farmers who dug sweet potatoes for her in the fall and shelled whippoorwill peas in the summer.


The Flying Monk Noodle Bar

*Bicycle/Drive* $$   5 W. Broughton Street   Savannah. GA    912.232.888 

The Flying Monk is a casual eatery featuring expertly prepared, fresh cut noodle dishes that draw from the cuisines of various Asian nations including Vietnam, Malaysia, China, Thailand, Laos, and Korea. It’s consistently high quality and is a favorite amongst locals and visitors alike. 


Ranchi Alegre Cuban Restaurant

*Bicycle/Drive* $$   402 Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd Savannah, GA    912.292.1656

As a locals' favorite and a popular place to enjoy live Jazz with a Latin vibe, Ranchi Alegre Cuban has served Savannhians and tourists for over 20 years, the best Cuban, Caribbean and Spanish food in town. Award-winning Paella Valenciana, homemade Mojitos, Sangria and Caipirinha. Reservations are encouraged during weekend nights. Live music and dancing can top off the best of any night.


NomNom Poke Shop

*Walkable* $ 1821 Bull Street   Savannah, GA      912.777.4074

NomNom Poké Shop takes fresh to a whole new level! Their goal in sourcing the fish is to use the highest quality and sustainable raw fish they can find, while maintaining a reasonable price point. Couple this with their affinity for local produce and in-house-made Japanese sauces and you have an incredibly delicious poké bowl. NomNom Poké Shop offers a unique twist on the classics with a heavy Japanese influence. What you are about to enjoy is not your average poké … It’s NomNom Poké!


*Bicycle/Drive* $ 236 Drayton Street Savannah, GA    912.443.9555 

One of the most unique places in Savannah.  Zunzi's is South African food with a southern flair! Portions are generous, and the price is right. Vegetarian friendly. Make sure you go to the walk up on York Street if you want to look like a real Savannahian! 


Sweet Potatoes Kitchen

 *Drive/Uber* $ 531 Stephenson Ave   Savannah, GA    912.352.3434 

Local and loving it! Sweet Potatoes serves up Southern soul food with a Caribbean twist. The restaurant’s bright and positive vibes make up for its location in a boring part of town. Their banana pudding has been featured on Man vs. Food, and they are one of the few authentic Southern restaurants in town that are vegetarian friendly. 


Sandfly BBQ at the Streamliner 

*Walkable* $ 1220 Barnard Street   Savannah, GA     912.335.8058 

Some of the best BBQ you’ll find in Savannah! This location of Sandfly is housed in an old Streamliner. Service is consistently friendly and food is consistently good! The chicken and brisket are especially amazing. 


Betty Bombers

*Walkable/Bicycle* $ 1108 Bull Street   Savannah, GA      912.272.9326  (located inside of the American Legion)

Opened for business in January 2012, The owners are both veterans of some of the leading fine dining establishments across the nation. But when blessed with an opportunity to open their own place, they wanted to cook the kind of food that they like to eat, day in and day out. Their mission is to combine fresh ingredients with craftsmanship to create delectable, wholesome foods for Savannhians and Savannah’s guests. While they are both capable chefs, they are still novice businessmen and hosts so they appreciate any feedback from their customers. Please feel free to give them your thoughts and comments and they say, thank you for your support!


Sly’s Sliders

*Walkable/Bicycle* $   1710 Abercorn Street   Savannah, GA      912. 239.4219

Opened in 2014, Sly’s has become a major food hub for students, tourists, and locals alike.  Focused on quality food at a good price that appeals to the growing market, Sly’s took a different approach – take your favorites, make them smaller and have them all. Boy, oh boy, the City of Savannah fell in love, and the love spread everywhere. Sly’s has been recognized by the NY Times and Women’s Day for their outstanding sliders. Sly’s is our favorite place for work meetings or a treat for a long day of hard labor.


Green Truck Pub

 *Walkable/ Bicycle* $ 2430 Habersham Street   Savannah, GA      912.234.5885 

Featuring grass fed organic burgers, the best damn veggie burger in the United States, and an awesome craft beer selection, Green Truck has gained fame far and wide for their locally sourced, farm to table fare. They make it all from scratch including (quite famously) their ketchup. Stop asking questions and go eat there! 


Crystal Beer Parlor

*Bicycle/Drive/Uber* $-$$ 301 West Jones Street Savannah GA    912.349.1000

In the early 1900s, what was to become the CRYSTAL BEER PARLOR opened as the "Gerken Family Grocery Store '' It was operated by a young Julius Weitz with his parents and his sibling, who all lived upstairs over the store. In the 1930’s The Crystal was one of the first American eating establishments to serve alcohol after the repeal of Prohibition. (Probably because the booze was already on the premises!) It's rumored that Blocko ran illegal hooch and operated a speakeasy during Prohibition. The onion rings, burgers, crab stews are delicious, try the Georgia peach cobbler and the fried pound cake. Meet some locals and learn about the people who live here by just looking at the walls.

Cotton & Rye

*Walkable/Bicycle* $$ 1801 Habersham Street Savannah, GA    912.777.6286

Somewhere between fine dining and gastropub, C&R definitely caters to the “square plate crowd”. As the name suggests they offer a variety of bourbons and creative cocktails all inside of a cool mid-century modern bank. Be sure to make reservations on weekends. 


Fork & Dagger @ Bobbie’s Diner

*Bicycle/Drive* $ 1402 Habersham Street   Savannah, GA   912.495.5859

A Latin diner with a Brooklyn twist offers an affordable and creative breakfast and lunch menu in a unique 1950’s diner straight out of a movie. Many movies you have watched were filmed in this very diner.


Fox & Fig Café

*Bicycle/Drive* $$ 321 Habersham Street   Savannah, GA    912.297.6759

More of a casual restaurant than a café, and is operated by the same family as Foxy Loxy and offers a rotating menu of all vegan entrees with some eclectic dishes thrown into the mix. A cozy space, it fills up fast on weekends.


The Grey Market

*Bicycle/Drive* $$ 109 Jefferson Street   Savannah GA   912.201.3924

New York City bodega and the history and convenience of the southern lunch counter. A great building and even better food. If you love what you ate you can order more and send them home to enjoy again. 


Squirrel’s Pizza

*Walkable* $$   2218 Bull Street    Savannah, GA      912.335.7873

In the heart of midtown and fresh to the neighborhood, Squirrel’s has an eclectic pizza menu, rotating small bites, a super friendly staff, and great cocktails with a full bar. Throw in a greatly curated wine list, and it’s easily the best pizza in Starland.


Starland Yard Food Truck Plaza

*Walkable/ Bicycle*    $   2411 Desoto Avenue   Savannah GA     912.417.3001

The Yard is a fun new place to hang out with friends and meet new ones. They host a variety of rotating food trucks each week, hosts VITTORIA PIZZERIA where RENOWNED CHEF KYLE JACOVINO slings Neapolitan pies, and is home to the YARD BAR for beer, wine, cocktails and frozen drinks. They curate special events featuring local music, art and culture weekly. You pay by a tab system and sign when you leave. There are 1-4 food trucks at any time. The Goal of Starland Yard is to support Local Chefs and bartenders, so no outside food or drinks are permitted. Check online for the truck list and event schedule.


Bocci’s Italian Bistro on Bull

*Walkable* $$ 1526 Bull Street Savannah GA    912.777.7487 

A family owned restaurant serving up Chef Walter’s family recipes made from the freshest ingredients. Come taste the difference and enjoy all that Bocci’s has to offer from pizza to pastas on Bull Street. Large portions and a huge wine list.


Bella Napoli Italian Bistro & Pizzeria 

*Bicycle/Drive* $$ 18 E. State Street Savannah, GA   912.495.5124 

This family owned and operated Italian restaurant has unbelievably friendly servers and amazing, reasonably priced, authentic Italian fare (they utilize 100% Italian ingredients in most of their dishes). The service is truly phenomenal to boot! 

The Pirate’s House

*Drive/Uber* 20 East Broad Street, Savannah, GA 912.233.5757

The Pirate’s House was built around 1753 on the site of the Trustee’s Garden, an early agricultural project. The building itself is said to be one of the oldest standing structures in the state. It became a tavern and boarding house, hosting seafaring pirates and even Robert Louis Stevenson stayed here while working on Treasure Island. The building fell into disrepair but was saved in 1945 by Mary Hillyer, wife of the Savannah Gas Company owner. In 1953, it opened as a tea room. Today the popular restaurant has some of the best fried chicken anywhere, not to mention a stellar Southern food buffet. The swordfish is delicious, when it’s on the menu!  Just try not to get shanghaied through the old “rumored” tunnels below that may or may not lead to the docks.


The Wyld Dock Bar

 *Drive/Uber* $$ 2740 Livingston Ave. Savannah, GA     912.692.1219 

If you want fantastic seafood and the feel of the beach without going all the way to Tybee, check out The Wyld! Don’t go if you’re in a hurry (their kitchen isn’t known for its speediness, though the food is worth the wait) or if you’re looking for quantity over quality (their portion sizes vary, depending on the dish). Do go if you want to relax for a while with awesome food and drinks in a uniquely Savannahian natural setting. 


Gryphon Tea Room

 *Bicycle/Drive* $$   337 Bull Street   Savannah, GA     912.525.5880 

Staffed entirely by SCAD students, the Gryphon Tea Room feels like something straight out of Hogwarts. The vibe is simultaneously cozy and elegant. The lunch menu is simple and delicious. Located in the Old A.A. Solomons & Co. drugstore, the original features are still there and were restored by SCAD in 1998.


Leopold’s Ice cream 

*Bicycle/Drive* $   212 East Broughton, Savannah, GA.     912.234.4442 

What can I say? Leopold's is an institution in Savannah. At their busiest times, you’ll find yourself waiting in a line all the way down the block, but it is so worth it! Dozens of homemade flavors that change weekly, they’ll let you sample a few before you decide, great sandwiches, too. 

Coffee & Cafes

Big Bon Bodega

*Walkable* $ 2011 Bull Street Savannah GA    912.349.4847

The best wood fire bagels you will ever have! Owner Kay is a force to be reckoned with. She is all about her staff and teaching them business and life skills while creating memories around great food. They love having pop ups; clothes, art, jewelry and so much more during their events. They are right across the street so it is easy to see what is going on. They also own Big Bon Pizza food truck and when they have their pizza event, you must go early because they sell out fast! Korean BBQ is another fun food event they put on as well. You will not be disappointed with what they offer. Their schedule always changes, so look online to stay in the know.


Back in the Day Bakery

*Walkable* $$ 2403 Bull Street Savannah, GA    912.495.9292 

A local favorite and in the same building as the old Starland Dairy, Back in the Day serves breakfast and lunch and offers a selection of made-in-house breads and baked goods! The bourbon bread pudding is out of this world, as are the house made biscuit sandwiches. 


The Starland Café

 *Walkable* $$ 13 East. Park Ave Savannah GA   912.443.9355 

Naturally right in the heart of the Starland Arts District and named after the old dairy which still dominates the area, The Starland Cafe is known for wonderful, and made from scratch eclectic dishes. Try the “Kitchen Sink” Salad! 


The Blue Door Coffee & Waffles

*Walkable* $ 1718 Bull Street Savannah, GA      912. 335.1243

Perfect coffee shop for the inner geek in you! Blue Door Coffee & Waffles is an 80’s theme shop that offers craft coffee, espresso, tea and build-your-own style waffles with many toppings to choose from and waffle sandwiches!


The Sentient Bean

*Walkable* $ 13 East Park Ave Savannah GA     912.232.4447 

A favorite among locals for coffee and delicious vegan food, ”The Bean” is also one of the city's most active music venues and has been featured in the New York Times. The shop also hosts weekly film screenings from the “Psychotropic Film Festival” group! The kitchen is open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, as well as beer and wine are also on offer. 


Fox & Fig Cafe

*Bicycle/Drive* $$ 321 Habersham St Savannah, GA     912.297.6759 

More of a casual restaurant than a cafe, Fox & Fig is operated by the same family as Foxy Loxy and offers a rotating menu of all vegan entrees with some eclectic dishes thrown into the mix. A cozy space, it fills up fast on the weekends. 


Maté Factor 

*Bicycle/Drive* $ 401 East Hall Street Savannah, GA       912.235.2906 

A rustic little cafe and bakery that’s slightly off the beaten path in a Unique Building. Maté Factor has a loyal local following and is operated by The Twelve Tribes as one of several stores scattered across the county. Perfect for a quiet place to grab a scone and yerba maté! Be sure to look for the wild “Peacemaker” bus that’s usually parked outside. 


Perc Coffee Roasters

*Bicycle/Drive* $ 1802 East Broad Street Savannah, GA     912.209.0025

You’ll see the Perc signs and stickers all over town at coffee shops since they are our largest and most respected roaster but this is where all the magic happens! There is a small café space which shares an open warehouse with all the machinery to make the delicious coffee we all enjoy. Stop in and learn a little bit about where your coffee comes from.


Superbloom- Sip Shop Make

*Walkable* $ 2418 De Soto Avenue Savannah, GA    912.452.0106

A local shop offering handcrafted drinks, locally made gifts, and a workshop space! Stop by today to grab a refreshing drink while you shop & book a class! Try their Jalapeño Honey latte or their Iced Mint green tea. Only open Friday-Sunday.


Clary’s Cafe

*Bicycle/Drive*   $ 404 Abercorn Street   Savannah, GA     912.233.0402

They are all about maintaining Historic Savannah and traditional food made right. The restaurant is full of nostalgia, memorabilia and intriguing characters with a colorful mosaic of photographs recording the many bonds that have formed there throughout the years.  They have been in business since 1903. You have to try the Crab cake Benedicts and Clary’s Country Omelets.  They also have an assortment of sandwiches, soups, salads and many pastries and desserts. 

Fine Dining

The Grey 

Bicycle* $$$ 109 MLK Jr. Blvd. Savannah, GA    912.662.5999 

The Grey features an eclectic fusion of Southern and Italian food and the restaurant itself is a beautifully renovated Greyhound bus depot from the 1935! The landmark space has tons of beautifully preserved and restored art deco features and their cocktail program is one of the best in town. Ask the bartenders for the classics if you decide to go off the menu! 

Local 11 Ten 

*Walkable* $$$ 1110 Bull St. Savannah, GA    912.790.9000 

Local 11 Ten’s dinner menu is rich in locally sourced ingredients, and their beautiful bar boasts some of the best classic and classically inspired cocktails in town (try the barrel aged Inverted Manhattan!) You can also dine or enjoy a drink under the stars at Perch, their rooftop patio. 


Elizabeth on 37th 

*Walkable* $$$$   105 East 37th St. Savannah, GA    912.236.5547 

Elizabeth on 37th has been a fixture of Savannah’s fine dining scene since it opened in 1981. Savannah is famous for its hospitality (it earned the nickname “The Hostess City” for good reason), and Elizabeth has arguably the best service in town. The menu is understated and classic and utilizes fresh coastal seafood, local produce and herbs and edible flowers from the restaurant’s own garden. 


The Olde Pink House 

*Bicycle/Drive* $$$ 23 Abercorn Street Savannah, GA    912.232.4286 

Savannah’s most famous fine dining establishment since 1992. The Olde Pink House is located in a 16,000 square foot Colonial mansion built in 1771, as the Habersham House. James Habersham Jr., lived there until 1800, it operated as a bank and the Union headquarters during the Civil War.  It is quintessentially Southern both in its decor and its cuisine, and is famous for its impeccable service. Incidentally, it is also rumored to be haunted and has some fascinating history. Ask anyone who works there, they can tell you!  Preservationist Alida Harper Fowlkes operated The Georgian Tea Room in the basement of this house back in 1929.


Russo’s Seafood

*Walkable/Bicycle* $$   209 East 40th Street Savannah, GA   912.234.5196 

Just one bite and you’ll know that there is a difference at Russo’s, a family business proudly serving the highest quality seafood in Savannah since 1946!


Old School Diner

*DRIVE (long drive, but worth it!)*   $$ 1080 Jessie Grant Road, NE Harris Neck, GA 31331    912.832.2136

Since 2005 when Chef Jerome went from the Buccaneer Restaurant to open his 4 table Old School Diner “family restaurant” people followed him. Only serving the freshest seafood from local waters is his goal. Additions to his very small space were made over the following years and now can seat 200+ people. That amount “of family” is rare at the Old School Diner but on special occasions, like Mother’s day, it comes very close to capacity. Visited by Oprah, Brad Pitt, Vivian Green, and so many more. If you have any questions or issues ASK Chef Jerome no matter what! He is an amazing character and wonderful soul. This is a drive but it is completely worth it. The Harris neck wildlife refuge is right around the corner as well. 


David’s Crab house

*Walkable/ Bicycle* $$ 1825 Montgomery Street Savannah, GA 912.232.4876

Best Take out Seafood in Savannah!!! In Business since 1992. “We are not only committed to providing quality food. We also want to be a positive voice as well. We do several things to encourage our young people to get the best education they possibly can.”


Tortuga’s Island Grille

*Drive/Uber* $$ 2815 River Drive Savannah, GA 912.201.3630

Founded in 2008, and located along the Atlantic Intracoastal Waterway in historic Thunderbolt. Tortuga's Island Grille creates some stunning preparations of Southern fare with a Caribbean flare. Family owned and operated, they strive to make your dining experience an enjoyable one. We love this place.

The Crab Shack 

*Drive/Uber* $$ 40 Estill Hammock Rd, Tybee Island 912.785.9857 

The Crab Shack looks like a bit of a tourist trap right as you come onto Tybee Island but they've honestly got the best Low Country Boil in town and you’ll spot quite a few locals there. Be sure to peek into the bird shack and feed all of the fat cats lounging around. 


A-J's Dockside 

*Drive/Uber* $$   1315 Chatham Ave, Tybee Island 912.786.9533 

If you're ever stranded on a boat in a rainstorm on your way to Wassaw Island (somehow that always happens when you’re out sailing with us...) A-J's is the place to stop for a beer. You can tie your boat, kayak, or whatever you have up at the dock and then get a great bloody Mary! 


Desposito’s Seafood

*Drive/Uber* $$ 3501 Macceo Drive Thunderbolt GA 912.897.9963

Laid back in true Thunderbolt style and offering simple by the pound orders of local shrimp, steamed oysters, and blue crabs with ample outdoor seating and friendly faces.

Late Night Food

Screamin Mimi's

*Bicycle/Drive/Uber* $  513 E Oglethorpe Ave STE P, Savannah, GA 31401    912.236.2744 

Everyone's favorite New York Style pizza in Savannah! Screamin Mimi's serves by the slice as well as whole pies. Its super cheap and open late but damn good and you'll find yourself eating there a lot if you move here! 



*Bicycle/Drive* $ 416 Broughton Street Savannah, GA     912.232.1986 

A strange place, you'll see Spudnik‘s giant projection sign on the Broughton St. parking garage when they're open. Famous for serving potatoes and nothing but potatoes, it somehow really works! Especially with great ingredients and when you're trying to sober up at 3:30AM... 


Treylor Park

*Bicycle/Drive/Uber*    $$    115 East Bay Street.  Savannah, GA     1.888.TREYLOR

Try the ’77 Monte Carlo with an Illegally Blonde. They have Man-mosas for you too. Don’t skip out on the Fried banana pepper rings, PB&J chicken wings, Fried Bologna Classic, The Chupacabra, Grilled apple pie sandwich, all the amazing tacos and you must try fried Oreos and the Bacon Brownie.

Treylor Park   Hitch

*Bicycle/Drive/Uber*   $$   300 Drayton Street.  Savannah, GA

Some Items are the same but not all. Here you can enjoy: Fried green tomatoes, Poke Salad, Hawaiian Chicken Flat bread, Low Country Boil, even more yummy tacos, some desserts and the great Sloppy Joe!!!  Cocktails are perfect at both locations.

 “Treylor Park and Hitch are built on the motto "Quality over Quantity". In everything we do, quality comes first. Whether you are talking about our seasonal cocktails, our craft beer, or our local fare, everything is done with quality in mind. Treylor Park and Hitch are unique spaces that offer a fun and unique food/cocktail/beer menu day and night. Whether you are in the mood for a nice, smooth cocktail or a cool crisp draft beer, these unique classic restaurants are full of great music and great energy.”

Local Bars & Nightlife



*Walkable* $ 2424 Abercorn Street Savannah, GA     912. 335.7276

A new spin on the old time hangout. Duckpin bowling, bingo, darts, and more nostalgia atmosphere that is just like being in a time past that we can only imagine. Good drinks and Good times. It’s Quitting Time!


Starland Yard Food Truck Plaza

*Walkable* $   2411 Desoto Avenue   Savannah GA   912.417.3001

The Yard is a fun new place to hang out with friends and meet new ones. They host a variety of rotating food trucks each week, hosts VITTORIA PIZZERIA where RENOWNED CHEF KYLE JACOVINO slings Neapolitan pies, and is home to the YARD BAR for beer, wine, cocktails and frozen drinks. They curate special events featuring local music, art and culture weekly. You pay by a tab system and sign when you leave. There are 1-4 food trucks at any time... 


Two Tides Brewery

*Walkable* $ 12 West 41st Street    Savannah, GA   912.667.0706

Owner and long-time home brewer James Massey jumped at the opportunity. It took minutes to get his wife Liz on board and thus, Two Tides Brewing Company was born. Two Tides is not only about their love of drinking and brewing beer, but their love of sharing it with friends and the ability it has to bring people together. ”We like to think we “specialize” in haze and funk, but we also dabble in everything from the lightest lagers to the darkest barrel aged stouts. We’re all about small-batch, handcrafted beers and focus on modern styles and modern takes on the classics.” Free pinball, Beer garden, Tap room, private events and public events. Buy your favorites at their store and watch the process in a tour.


The Black Rabbit 

*Walkable/Bicycle* $ 1215 Barnard Street   Savannah, GA    912.200.4940 

The newest and coolest addition to the neighborhood, The Black Rabbit has a creative and concise cocktail menu in one of the coolest little spaces in Savannah. Cozy and intimate, it’s the perfect place to make friends or just enjoy an authentic Savannah bar. They also have a nice selection of snacks and sandwiches from one of Savannah‘s best known local chefs! 


White Whale Craft Ales

*Walkable/Bicycle* $$ 1207 Bull Street Savannah, GA    912.358.0724

White Whale specializes in local, craft beer from around the world. Go in for a package, pints, flights and growlers. 12 different beers on tap. 

The American Legion

 *Walkable/Bicycle* $ 1108 Bull Street Savannah, GA     912.272.9326 

American Legion Post 135 is truly a local bar and has one of the most diverse groups of bar-goers you'll ever likely encounter. With free pool, darts, and the cheapest drinks in town (from $2 each!) it attracts all sorts of people. They are cash only, but they have an ATM onsite. They also have amazing food via Betty Bombers! This place is filled with history of the Mighty 8th that was founded on this site.


Abe's on Lincoln 

*Bicycle/Drive* $ 17 Lincoln Lane   Savannah, GA        912.349.0525 

A little off the way from most bars downtown, Abe's is home to quite a few people who knew about it ”before it was cool.” It's laid back and artsy with a little dash of grunge and has a nice patio. Remember to bring a $5 bill to draw on and hang up at the bar! 


The Original (Pinkie Master’s) 

*Bicycle/Drive* $$ 318 Drayton Street   Savannah, GA      912.238.0447 

The bar formerly known as Pinkie Master’s is one of Savannah’s most iconic dive bars. It’s famous for a variety of reasons but mostly features an assembly of local celebrities and inebriates. Its cash only, but they have an ATM onsite. 


Six Pence Pub 

*Bicycle/Drive* $$ 245 Bull Street   Savannah, GA    912.233.3156

Fancy: Six Pence may seem touristy with its red telephone box out front, but it’s the closest thing to an honest English pub you'll likely find in the southeast. It's frequented by Savannah's British expats. And you are bound to encounter some colorful characters at the bar. 


Circa 1875 Gastropub 

*Bicycle/Drive* $$ 48 Whitaker Street   Savannah, GA      912.443.1875 

Fancy: In the same vein as Garibaldi's, Circa is a great place for drinks if you’re not in the mood for a dive bar. The bar half of the French restaurant is beautifully decorated and dimly lit, and has a largely local customer base despite its location in the heart of downtown. (You can order food on the bar side as well. If you're a burger lover, theirs is one of the best burgers in town!) 


Diner Bar at The Grey

*Bicycle/Drive* $$$ 109 MLK Jr. Blvd. Savannah, GA       912.662.5999 

Fancy: The Diner Bar at The Grey is a fantastic option if you’re not in the market for a full dinner experience, as The Grey’s main restaurant (described in the fine dining section) is reserved for dinner only. It has a stellar ambiance and its own menu of small plates, including house made charcuterie, a fantastic oyster selection and the best chicken liver mousse you’ll ever have. It’s also open for lunch Tuesday through Saturday. 


Alley Cat Lounge

 *Bicycle/Drive* $$ 207 West Broughton St. Savannah, GA      912.677.0548 

Fancy: Our newest “Speakeasy,” Alley Cat Lounge is actually off the alleyway behind Broughton St. and down a flight of stairs. Look for the door man and little else in way of signs to head down to one of Savannah’s favorite little cocktail bars with lots of cool ambience. 


*Bicycle/Drive* $$$ 307 Bull Street Savannah, GA    912.335.5200

Fancy: An elegant and refined cocktail experience, you won’t find many locals at the Artillery. We prefer our drinks cheap and strong but if you’re a friend of the finer things in life this is one of the best places to find complex and nuanced flavors and creative bartenders. The building was erected in 1896 with, subtle references of the history of the site, where the Georgia Hussars’ armory once housed the cavalry’s artillery.  Probably the best cocktails in town, aside from The Grey, its tucked right behind The Public, which is a great little restaurant of its own with a full menu. 


The Bar at Garibaldi's 

*Bicycle/Drive* $$ 315 West Congress St. Savannah, GA   912. 232. 7118 

Fancy: While Garibaldi’s serves a full menu, its beautiful decor (gold New Orleans style tin ceilings, black leather booths, and uber-romantic mood lighting), diverse clientele and skilled and friendly bartenders make it one of our favorite places to grab a before or after dinner drink. 

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