Abstract Blur

"L" Suite

Third Floor

Suspended Bed

Queen Bed

Personal A/C Unit

Private Bathroom
In Room Shower

When I lived in the house alone before all of the guests, it was my favorite room. It has everything you need and is one of the quietest rooms and also offers a very cozy yet attractive space.

Then I spiced it up with a swinging bed suspended from the ceiling and mirrors on three sides! Don't worry, it also features a independent air conditioner so that you can set the temperature as you desire.

Maybe it's a romantic getaway and you need a room separated from the rest or just a quiet place for a good nights rest in a bed like no other.

The 'L' Suite has been very popular with repeat guests looking to impress their partner! a very unique stay!

Reminder: This room is inside of a historic home, and be courteous of other guest at night. ;-)

Please Note: We request that every guests, not just the bookie go over and read the House rules and read the policies before completing the booking. We are not responsible for you losing your money because you didn't read the rules til after you book if not at all.