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A Perfect Day in

Hit the bikes early! With a small backpack with lots of room in It. Start off at Big Bon Bodega, Foxy Loxy or the Sentient Bean for coffee and a delicious breakfast with a side of people watching from a sidewalk table! Ride casually up Bull St. to Forsyth Park. Saturday bonus, farmers market from 9-1!


Take in the park and all its glory and history as you ride north to continue on Bull Street. Each square has a thousand stories and you will be passing a lot of them on your way Ellis square, our newest one. Once there, turn left and continue on foot through City Market, a walking Street. Check out the local artist and shops.


At the end of City Market, you'll be at the Haitian Monument. Turn right on Montgomery Street and take caution when crossing over Bay Street. Follow the Maze of streets and alleyways that we call factors walk down to River Street. River Street is our most touristy spot in Savannah, however it is good to see and it is something very unique to our city. Turn right on River Street and follow it down past the river boats and Meander your way up through the Maze of factors walk before getting up to Bay Street. Bonus points for getting lost in the historic district. It's much bigger than most people think it is and that is the fun of it!


Check out the Cathedral of St John's the Baptist. Bicycle or walk down Jones Street while staring up through the mossy oaks, and eventually work your way over to the Gryphon Tea Room. Feel fancy and have tea and crumpets at High Noon. Or just grab a sandwich and a selfie in the most beautiful dining room in Savannah!


Before the sun gets low ride back to the house and switch out for a car ride to the beach for sunset.


Follow down Victory Drive under the Mossy Oaks noticing an amazing arrangement of mansions from all styles along the way. Whole Foods is on your right if you need to grab some wine and cheese. Don't forget some disposable cups. The beach police are serious about keeping it glass and trash free.


Tybee island is just 20 minutes from the house and when you arrive on the island be sure not to speed, and make sure you pay for your parking. And speaking of which, my suggestion is to drive to the very end of Highway 80 and park in a gravel parking lot. From their walk over the boardwalk to the beach and turn right for a casual stroll as the sun is setting in front of you.


After sunset, Drive back into town to hit up one of our favorite water holes. Personally we recommend a slice of pizza from Screamin Mimis. Don't forget to order extra crispy. Some other great alternatives are listed in our guidebook. And if you want to consume more alcohol and not drive, park near the house and check out some of the wonderful places in our neighborhood!


Don't forget to wear comfortable shoes and sunscreen. And the summer here is hot and very humid, so don't waste time on your makeup. You look great!

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