Blurry Background

Sacred Tower

Third Floor

Queen Bed

Shared bathroom

Suspended Bed

Zone A/C

Formerly known as the Rivolta Room

Located at the very top tower of this art themed mansion is something truly special! Float amongst the clouds and under the stars in your vertically suspended queen bed!

This is our most popular room/experience and tends to stay booked almost every night.

During the day you are floating among the clouds and in the top of the famous Savannah Live Oak trees. And at night the black light has the stars above your swinging bed glowing and inspiring peaceful dreams.

The unique round walls and stars above were created by famed artist Dame Darcy.


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Please Note: We request that every guests, not just the bookie go over and read the House rules and read the policies before completing the booking. We are not responsible for you losing your money because you didn't read the rules til after you book if not at all.