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A gathering place for creative people. 

-Leave with more friends than you came in with. Most people who stay here are of the same mindset, so it's really easy to make life long connections. 


A creative alternative to the current hotel establishment. 

- we are doing something totally different here. Not everyone gets what we are doing, but creative people usually love it. We are basically a fancy hostel. 


A safe, clean and affordable place to stay. 

- I shouldn't break the bank to have a nice place to stay. Our guests try to leave things better than they found them. And that allows us to offer you a room at a better price. 'We are all in this together'.


A unique stopover when traveling thorough or making an east coast trip. 

- we are a very popular when going to and from Florida and the northeast. About 15 minutes in from I-95 you can walk to great food, eat organic stretch your legs even take a bike ride on one of the bikes available here. All far away from the modern interstate exit culture that is so unfriendly to pedestrians.


A destination for outdoor adventures in this area. 

- Savannah has a great historic district. But the real treasure is in nature. 


A place to relax and rejuvenate among like minded people. 

- enjoy an afternoon relaxing in a hammock with a book or strike up a conversation with someone else. Some of the best people stay here.


A creative space of inspiration in the heart Savannah's arts community.

- Most importantly I hope that you will take a little peace from here home with you. 

- Jonathan

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