What we are about,

created by artists for artists

Relax, dine and enjoy the back porch.

The Isetta Inn was born out my desire to create the place I'd always dreamed of in my motorcycle travels through Central America as well as the months I've spent on the road "Van-lifeing" around the United States, Canada and Mexico.

My dream was to have a place where the magic of a international hostel met the sacred space of a healing arts center. A place where art and magic come alive, in this very special place called Savannah! Where art and magic have always blended into the fabric of daily life.

Inside all of us is something unique that the world needs us to share with it. I wanted this space to be the place where anyone could relax and let there highest self be shown to others. A place where eclectic travelers could meet one another and foster ideas while establishing life long connections.

Of course a place like this does not happen all at once. It has been an evolving process. Starting with being one of the first Airbnb hosts and sharing a room in my home with travelers more than 10 years ago!

I believe art is in so many things we see, touch and feel. That is why I have put so much time and love into every room here. We also have a rotating gallery of local artists work in our lobby for all to enjoy.

A visit to The Isetta Inn is sure to be a unique experience. Much like Savannah, with it's seemingly endless layers, always leaving something more to discover.

It was always my dream to have a big historic mansion where people could come together and make special connections as they travel through life discovering something deeper in their own meaning.

For all this to happen we had to get these properties before the neighborhood became so trendy. And it also took a lot of personal energy from myself and anyone around me. I had a big dream, but not really the money to back it. So it was definitely a labor of love, and a true example of holding on to a vision until it became reality.

All the guest rooms here are very different from one another, and will have their own experience. They also represent some of the places I find art in this world.

We feel very blessed to be in such a perfect location. Our neighborhood is a real gem! Within a few blocks we have some of the best food and entertainment in Savannah!

We are happy we're not River Street or City Market with its endless trolley tours or drunken nightlife. But we are just a short bike ride away. Located just south of the famous Forsyth Park in a place called the Starland Arts District.

All within 3 blocks you can go to a hipster food truck plaza with live entertainment, Two Tides Brewery, Great restaurants, Trendy Bars, A classic dive bar, vintage stores, oddity shops, The best coffee house in Savannah and wood fired bagels.
And there's plenty of free on street parking as well!

I'm big believer in alternative transportation to improve quality of life for us. We have a fleet of rental bicycles available to all guests. We are perfectly located for you to see all the sites on two wheels. I also personally have a few examples of historical 'Alternative transportation' ideas in the form of micro cars. Such as a 1950's BMW Isetta that is our namesake.

My feeling is that if we go a little slower, put down the top and open the windows we may see a little more and arrive with a smile.

- Jonathan